Our design studio is an internationally orientated practice established in 2009 by the designers: Robert Skoczylas and Anna Strzelecka. 

We work with architecture, product design and production process development and furniture design. We are all 2 experienced designers and teach design and architecture courses in Sweden as well as Ireland.

We aim to let our designs be guided by utility, permanence and comfort by means of high quality design. In designing, our focus lies with the functional value, rather than the artistic experimental one. Our design process begins with storytelling, imagining how objects will be approached and used by people, how it will be used in daily routines and how it will integrate into people’s lives in the long run. Our designs concentrate on affection and accessibility. To us, a good product does not have to rely on costly materials or some particular sense of exclusivity. We create objects that are easy to use, but convey personality, acquire personal meaning to users and often with an element of surprise. In our design perspective - a good design starts in it’s meaningful relation to people.
 We are all  teachers of design and architecture and our primary goal is to work closely with our clients. We believe cooperation and a deep understanding of our each task at hand are key to success. 

Being extra sensitive to human interactions, our design studio thrives to develop pleasant experiences with fresh perspectives in every project. Each work is created to be distinct, relevant and thoughtful.